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Barchester runners in training for the Virtual London Marathon

/ August 2021
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For the first time ever we have a Barchester team taking part in Virtual London Marathon on Sunday 3rd October fundraising for Barchester’s Charitable Foundation.

Our runners are:

  • Claire Henley, Nurse, Hundens Park, Durham
  • Genevieve Glover, HR Director, London
  • Shona Conway, Project Co-ordinator, Oxfordshire
  • Tom Hodges, Dementia Care Specialist, Cumbria
  • Marie Wilson, Deputy Manager, Kenwyn, Cornwall

The virtual Virgin Money London Marathon was held for the first time in 2020 and returns this year, giving participants the opportunity to take on the world’s greatest marathon on the course of their choice from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59BST, wherever they are on the planet.

Runners in the virtual event will join a record 50,000 participants who will run the traditional Virgin Money London Marathon from Blackheath to The Mall.

Our runners are all very excited and nervous about this challenge and are training hard in preparation for the big day.  The runners will plan their own routes locally, and they will make sure wherever possible to go past nearby Barchester homes hoping for some cheering along their routes. It will not be easy to replicate the electric atmosphere in London on the traditional Marathon day, however, with 50,000 runners taking part in the virtual Marathon – hopefully there will be a real buzz across the country for all the virtual runners too!

The team is fundraising for Barchester's Charitable Foundation - a charity helping older people and adults living with a disability by offering grants to individuals and small groups/charities to help reduce isolation and loneliness and enable people to be active and engaged.

Each runner is hoping to raise at least £250, and you can follow these links to support your local runner:

Claire Henley - Genevieve Glover - Shona Conway - Tom Hodges - Marie Wilson

Good luck to our four brave runners with this amazing challenge!

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