All of our applications are vetted on a case by case basis, allocating funds to those who demonstrate greatest need. Here is a selection of some of our most frequently asked questions:

Applications for individuals

I want to apply for funding but cannot find a third party sponsor. Can I fill the form in myself?

No, we do not accept applications submitted by the intended beneficiary or their immediate family. All applications for an individual must be completed by a third party who knows the individual in a professional or community-based capacity. This could be a Barchester staff member, healthcare professional, a social worker, charity or support group representative. For more examples of who could sponsor your application please contact our grants team for guidance.

I am 72 with limited mobility, and a scooter would allow me to get on with everyday life like going to the shops and bingo - would you be able to help?

Maintaining a reasonable quality of life as an older person is integral to our mission. We would consider contributing towards a mobility scooter, should the recipient show demonstrable need and benefit.

I need a new wheelchair and the option the local hospital offered me is a bit tatty. Could you buy me a new one?

If statutory services have offered a piece of equipment to an individual's benefit it is unlikely that we would provide funds for a better model.

My roof is leaking, will you fix it?

Unfortunately property maintenance such as roof repairs, window replacements, rewiring, and other property repairs fall into our exclusions policy.

Applications for small Groups/Charities

We run a social group for elderly members in the community and would really like to take our members on a day trip to Oxford. We are raising funds, through coffee mornings and raffles but would appreciate any financial help you can give - could you help?

The trustees would consider applications from small community groups providing activities for older people and other adults with disabilities. The trustees would consider making a contribution towards social activities, outings or events.

We have been running an arts and crafts group for pensioners in our local area. We have just fundraised for a new potter’s wheel but need help with small hand tools and clay, can you help?

We would consider supporting innovative projects that help older people and those with a disability enjoying themselves and meeting new people. We can help with small equipment purchases and specific projects, but we are unable to fund general running costs. 

We run a drop in centre for older people and would like to employ a coordinator to run the scheme - can you help?

Unfortunately all salary costs for any scheme fall outside of our criteria.

We are hoping to set up an older person centered befriending helpline. Would the Trustees consider contributing towards its upkeep?

We do not provide funding for indirect services, such as help lines, website, newsletters, leaflets or research. 

You awarded us a grant last year - thank you - but we would like to apply to you again, is this possible?

Due to the large volume of applications we receive and with limited funding available, we are unable to provide continual support to a project following an initial grant. We stipulate a minimum three year period before applications in respect of the same project or applicant will be considered.