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Festive cheer

/ December 2021
nairn bonus club d

The Nairn Bonus Club members finally got together at the beginning of the month for their Christmas social and enjoyed a fabulous three course meal and soft drinks. This was the group's first outing together since the Pandemic. Their representative Sue Parker commented: "A great and much needed social gathering was had by all eight adults with special needs plus volunteers." 

Nairn Bonus club are a group of people who meet every Monday evening in Nairn Community Centre and socialise, go out, do crafts and enjoy the company of others with special needs. There are about 10 to 12 Adults with a range of disabilities including Downs Syndrome and Autism.

The Christmas meal was part two of our £600 grant. Part one of our grant helped the group visit a local pottery workshop in Nairn back in February 2020. The twelve adults with special needs chose a ceramic item and had a great time painting the various items. These items were then fired and everyone had a "keepsake" of this memorable event where everyone enjoyed being creative. 

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