Fundraising ideas

A-Z of fundraising ideas 

Aware There are many annual awareness days that might be relevant to your home. These days are great opportunities to hold fundraising events supporting the Foundation and a charity of your choosing, with the proceeds split 50/50 between two worthy causes.

Bake it to make it Cake sales always go down a treat. For those without a sweet tooth, Bring and Buy Sales make popular fundraisers. You could also sell flowers from your blooming garden.

Come dine with me Why not have a Sunday roast or a dinner party in your home and invite guests for a donation? This could be organised in conjunction with Age UK's annual Great Sunday Lunch, with platefuls of money for both charities.

Day to remember We all like to celebrate Halloween, Easter and Christmas but don't forget the more unusual days. How about International Talk Like a Pirate Day or Squirrel Appreciation Day? The quirkiest days can make the best events.

Eggscellent Easter Easter falls in early April this year, the perfect time for a Spring Fling. With Easter bonnets, painted eggs and chocolate, you'll have a ready-made theme to your party.

Fancy That! Giving an event a fancy dress theme can really make it stand out and sparkle. With so many themes to choose from, the possibilities are endless. This is also a good way to attract local press coverage. The more striking and colourful a photograph they can take, the more chance you have of appearing in the paper.

Going, going, gone Auctions are a classic fundraiser. Try to persuade local businesses to donate and then invite relatives, friends and contacts to bid. Another idea is an Auction of Promises where people offer services instead of goods.

Happy Halloween Spooky shenanigans, apple bobbing and ghoulish costumes?! You could ask the local school to get involved or invite trick or treating children and grandchildren to join the fun.

International Pride Last year's Best of British Chef Competition theme led to some great events and delicious meals. Why stop on your own doorstep? Irish on St. Patrick's Day? Ring in Chinese New Year? Mexican salsa? Spanish Flamenco? Aussie bush tucker? With an array of music, food and costumes from other countries you could fill a whole calendar of events.

Join the party If you're having a party, why not extend the invitation outside the home? Relatives, friends, contacts and people living in your area might be keen to attend. The more the merrier!

Knobbly knees... competition, air guitar contest, karaoke – sometimes the silliest things are the best. A bit of healthy competition does no harm and can add a bit of excitement.

Luck of the Draw Raffles, sweepstakes, bingo! Everybody can join in. You've got to be in it to win it.

Make, do and mend Rather than buying new things everybody could make something or mend old goods and send the money they would have spent to charity.

Name that tune How many sweets in a jar? How many fish in a bucket? How heavy is the minibus? There are limitless variations of these games and it pays to keep them guessing.

Odd clothes day Your team could donate to wear their own clothes or you could hold a competition who could find the weirdest hat or worst taste outfit. Like fancy dress, but with a twist.

Party Time “Throw a party for the Foundation with cakes, candles and party games. You could ask your guests to give a donation towards the cakes.”

Quiz Time Sometimes the most tried and tested events are the best. A quiz is an oldie and a goodie. Everybody enjoys testing their knowledge in a battle of the wits.

Race night This is another golden oldie fundraiser. Choose your horse, have a bit of a flutter and cheer it passed the finish line or curse it for being a donkey. The Foundation will be the real winner. 

Standing order Why not set up a standing order for a few pounds each month to help us support even more people, so simple but so successful!

Twen-tea ten Tea parties are a real favourite and can be adapted to a range of themes – Alice in Wonderland, Victorian Tea Party or a Tea Dance? The choice is yours!

Umbrella Fundraising Even when it's sunny. Volunteers from a particular region or group of homes could get together to plan a larger event like a fundraising theme or big summer fete.

Valentine's Day Love hearts, chocolates, flowers and romance. Even if all that soppiness turns your stomach, Valentine's Day does lend itself to a good themed party. It's also the time of year the British Heart Foundation runs its annual campaign. You could give money to two worthy causes.

Walk the walk Why not hold a sponsored walk? For the even more energetic it could become a fun run or bike ride. During September, the Alzheimer's Society holds Memory Walks across the country. Half of the funds raised could benefit the Foundation.

X Factor ....without the TV cameras, studio audience or celebrity judges. Have you got any budding musicians, amateur magicians or frustrated thespians in your home? Barchester's Got Talent show could be just the thing for them. You just might find a star!

Years Gone By Remember ringing in the Millennium, Y2K and partying like it was 1999? You could hold a party to celebrate the decade that was the Naughty Noughties. There's also the whole twentieth century of decades to revive: from the Roaring Twenties, the Swinging Sixties, Disco Seventies and Bad Taste Eighties.

Zzzzz “You can take a well-earned rest after planning your fundraising and don't forget the fun in fundraising. You don't have to collect huge amounts of money. Even small change can make big changes in people's lives.”