Confidence and freedom to go out

The grants that we award for motorised wheelchairs and mobility scooters are often life changing for those who benefit, giving people back the freedom to go out again, socialise and enjoy the outdoors.

Ameera, 45, from Midhurst in West Sussex is disabled and has a multiple of health issues including depression. Our grant for a motorised wheelchair has given her confidence to get out and about more often. Here is what Ameera says:

 “It’s has definitely had a very positive effect on my life, and really helped me socially interact with my village and less isolated. I had become a bit of hermit and would rather not go out as I knew how much pain I would be in walking. Now, I always look forward to trips out. I can’t thank you enough - you have really changed my life and I can now appreciate a new freedom of mobility which I thought I had lost forever. I really appreciate your kindness helping a single disabled mum. I would have never been able to afford the wheelchair and your generous gift melted my heart. “

Lauren, 21, from Sheffield has a number of conditions which means she cannot mobilise and is severely isolated. Our grant funded a wheelchair, and this has made her become more independent. It has impacted positively on her mental health. Lauren comments:

“I feel freer. Because I’m not having to be stuck inside anymore staring at the same walls and I don’t have to always rely on other people taking me on outings in cars and even then, only seeing shop walls. Now I can go to the park and it happens to have very nice surroundings. Lots of green, which is good for mental health. I definitely feel like a weight has been lifted in some way, and I go with my dog sometimes which is fun and good for some light socialisation (if there wasn’t a pandemic) and once everything has settled down I look forward to going to the local craft group and trying that out. It opens more up to me.”