Enjoying nature

We recently helped fund a mobility scoter for Anne, 65, from Sunderland. Due to some serious health challenges that affect here day-to-day mobility, Anne has not been able to work for over 8 years and when at work had to have adaptations in place, therefore her working career was cut short. She lives with her husband, but was not able to leave the house independently and for any outdoor trips she had to go with her husband.

The arrival of Anne’s new mobility scooter has lifted her spirits and enabled her to get out with her family “bubble”, and not just be left sitting in the car while they were out walking. This is what Anne said:

“I have only had the scooter for a couple of weeks, but it has already given me a sense of freedom again that was endangered of being lost all together. Even with Covid and the cold weather the scooter has ready enhanced my mood. Feeling the fresh air again under my own steam is a wonderful feeling indeed. I have been able to drive to my daughters and see my grandchildren, even if it was a couple of metres from the front door! Gone for a rides around country parks and on our beautiful sea front escorting my husband on his daily walks. I very much look forward to the spring and being able to get out and about even more often. The scooter is making a massive difference to my independence.”