Socially distanced support group

We recently helped the Darby and Joan older people’s group for deaf people at the Bolton Deaf Centre with a grant of £500 towards their activities.

The club was not able to operate in its usual format due to COVID.  Deaf sign language users are at additional risk of social isolation due to communication difficulties with the hearing world - with masks posing a big problem for lip-reading. Therefore as soon as it was possible under government guidelines ‘support groups’ of up to 15 people were established, and the Darby and Joan members have been able to meet for peer support in a COVID-safe environment.

Comments made by group members include:

“It’s been great to be able to come to the Deaf Centre every week.  I don’t have any Deaf neighbours and I live on my own so it can get very lonely.  I can do FaceTime with my family but it’s not the same as getting together and having a brew.”

“The Deaf Centre has made a big effort to open up and keep everything safe.  I really appreciate it.”

The photo was from their support group earlier today – lovely to see a Covid-Safe face-to-face gathering in these challenging times.