Tremendous running by Team Barchy at the Great North Run

Massive congratulations to our fantastic Barchester runners Dawn Bailey, Pam Towers, Fran and Steff Sharp, Vicky Paterson, Zoe Postgate, Scott and Michelle Beat, whocompleted the Great North Run on Sunday in company of 57,000 other amazing runners.

The Sharp mum and daughter partnership lead the way in the half marathon with a great time of 2h14m, closely followed by Dawn in 2h15m. It was a beautiful and sunny day, which made it very pleasant for the many spectators, but rather challenging for our runners who made good use of the showers and hose pipes provided. 

The runners had a brilliant day – We are extremely proud of them and very inspired by their achievement.

The runners have also been very busy fundraising and have already raised a fantastic £1,640 for older people and adults living with a disability across England, Scotland and Wales. Please support the team - they really deserve it, and a huge thank you if you already have: