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Pleasure beach holiday

/ November 2021
Blackpool arcade

Earlier this year we awarded funding towards a holiday at a caravan park for a young lady with a severe medical condition. Claire has Cystic Fibrosis and she also has significant learning difficulties. She and her brother who both have Cystic Fibrosis were shielded and therefore isolated even before the official lockdown. They have remained very restricted in their activities because of their increased risk of infection. They have even had to have their hospital appointments by video link. This has been particularly difficult for these young people who are unable to fully comprehend the need for their isolation.

Claire and her brother really benefitted from this break where they were able to reconnect with their older sister and her two children. They also had the opportunity to participate in activities both as a family and with others in the caravan park. 

The caravan was close to Blackpool and within easy distance of all the attractions. It was an ideal place for them to be. Cystic Fibrosis means Claire and her brother get very breathless with little exertion, so there were loads of amusements and activities which required little physical effort. They visited the Sea Life Centre, Madame Tussauds, Blackpool Tower and spent lots of time at the Pleasure Beach. Claire loved playing the arcade games, and was particularly fond of “Guitar Hero” (as shown in the photograph)

It really was our pleasure to be able to contribute towards this special break away!


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