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Making a positive difference

Barchester’s Charitable Foundation is a registered charity that helps older people and adults with a disability across England, Scotland & Wales. Our focus is about connecting or re-connecting people with others in their local community, and we support applications that combat loneliness and enable people to be active and engaged.

Your donations help support these people

200477 Eileen @Ness

Walking wheels providing freedom

Specialist equipment for disabled people provides freedom and independence for a long time to come.

200294 Magpie Dance

Activities moving online

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have provided grants for online group activities helping people to stay active and connected.

200194b Cornwater

Activities for older people

We provide funding for groups activities such as physical exercise, arts and crafts, flower arranging, music therapy and singing.


Natalia is thrilled

We help with many different types of mobility equipment, specific to the needs and situation of each individual.

Elders Voice

Green outdoor space

Outdoor space where people can get social, healthier and happier is more important now than ever.


Nicola on the move

Mobility equipment is key to getting people living with a disability out and about in their local community and giving them independence.

What's happening and who we've helped

Visiting the beach
Individuals we've helped
/ January 2022

In August 2021 we awarded funding to a young disabled woman for a beach walker. Jessica received significant burns and life changing injuries as an infant as the result of a household fire, and she is a double amputee above the knee with partial amputation to all fingers.

Cadbury World outing
Groups and charities we've helped
/ January 2022

In September last year we awarded a funding contribution to 'Gelli Life for Living', a group set up to help reduce loneliness and isolation for those living with ill health or a disability in the Welsh valleys. On the 19th October, 33 members of the group went on a trip

Christmas card 2021 cropped
Foundation news
/ December 2021

Thank you very much for supporting Barchester’s Charitable Foundation during 2021. We wish you and your families a lovely Christmas & a healthy and happy New Year!

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