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Artful connections

/ May 2024
Arts 2 Heal

Back in November last year, we awarded funding to Arts to Heal. They are an art-based mental health Charity founded in 2016 located on the outskirts of Blackburn.

We funded their "Artful Connections: Nurturing Wellbeing, Combating Loneliness" project. The twelve-week project provided a creative and supportive environment where, in phase one, twenty participants took part in an 8-week exploration of different art materials.

In phase two the members collaborated to select a medium and theme and spent four weeks creating an exhibition. The art materials were carefully chosen to cater to a variety of artistic interests. The grant also covered the fees for the project facilitator, a skilled artist who guided the group sessions. 

The remaining funds supported the group on an outing to a museum art gallery, further strengthening the bonds between participants. The impact of "Artful Connections" on the participants' wellbeing was profound. The project provided a safe space for creative expression, developing a sense of community and belonging.

The charity reported to us that participants like Sarah, who described the project as a "lifeline,” found their anxieties lessen and a sense of joy return.  Many, like Ann, discovered new artistic avenues thanks to the variety of art materials available. The supportive environment and skilled facilitator, helped rediscover forgotten creative passions and develop new skills.  Perhaps most importantly, the project facilitated the creation of lasting friendships.  

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