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Bloomin' Arts

/ August 2023
Bloomin Arts

Bloomin' Arts is a disability arts charity based in Lingfield, Surrey, and is driven by the voice of adults with disabilities to provide high quality opportunities in the creative arts. All their activities are focused on a passionate belief that everyone with disabilities has huge creative potential. They support up to 100 learning disabled adults who come from Surrey, Sussex, London and Kent.

They employ high quality specialist freelance tutors who run small friendly arts-based courses, which work to everyone's strengths. Each person develops their own artistic talents and builds valuable connections with their local and artistic community. 

Bloomin' Arts tutors encourage their participants to meet their personal creative ambitions while supporting their long-term physical health, wellbeing, and life skills development. This builds physical, social, and emotional wellbeing, and independence for all the participants.

They had their first performance on Saturday 20th May when the company performed an outdoor theatre of their Shakespearean adaptation of the ‘Merry Wives of Windsor” at Emmetts Garden National Trust in Sevenoaks.

There were twelve participants from the Theatre Company, six staff, three carers and one volunteer who attended the performance. The grant was able to pay for their transport to and from the venue, which included three wheelchair users.

The funding from us has provided Bloomin’ Arts the opportunity to share their work with the wider artistic community.  They continue to work to challenge perceptions and create impactful and meaningful creative opportunities not just for their participants, but for their audiences too.


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