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Curling & Boccia gets the chats going

/ January 2024
BU Group

BU Group in Dinnington near Rotherham are very grateful for the new Curling and Boccia sets we recently helped them with.

The group began as a bereavement group, but quickly turned into a social group. They meet every Friday for coffee and a chat, as well as playing games like Curling, Boccia and Darts. 

The equipment was received enthusiastically by the group, and they used it as soon as it arrived. They played a game of Curling with approximately 13 members taking part on that day. The group played for over an hour with random teams split into Reds v Blues. As a team game it was quite competitive with everyone enjoying the team spirit and getting their conversation going regarding the game at hand.

The following week they changed to the Boccia game, which is a form of soft bowls. A retired ex local bowls player kept score and officiated over the game. It encouraged a friendly team rivalry again between Reds v Blues. The teams were chosen randomly depending on where everyone just happened to be sitting in the room.

The group found it surprising how much conversation and participation the games created, helping the members with opening up and sharing thoughts about the play. The conversations continued after the game over tea and coffee.

This helped the participants talk about other areas of their life, sharing problems both physical and mental. They share their life experiences during the meetings, but the games help them also to focus on something fun that day in their lives.



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