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Gym and a swim

/ May 2022
Gym photo

In December 2021, we awarded funding to a Coventry based charity called Involve Coventry. Our grant was used to help to continue their fitness for mental health project. The funding provided them with the means to charge a subsidised entry rate, that enabled people in the community with enduring mental health issues, to attend the gym and swimming pool. Around thirty people directly benefitted from the grant over a period of several weeks. The experience increased the social aspect for people who live alone and gave many the confidence to attend a public gym. This can be quite a daunting and scary prospect for some people who have never tried this before.

The project improved the self-esteem and confidence of their community members and as an added bonus, many new friendships were formed. According to the report presented to us by Involve Coventry, some of the people still continue to support one another by independently meeting up for coffee or going for a walk together and feedback from participants has been very positive.

We are pleased to have made a difference to those members of this community following some truly challenging times during the pandemic.



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