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Mammoth effort by Barchester runners in the Great North Run

/ September 2023
3 runners post race

60,000 runners followed the traditional half marathon route from Newcastle, through Gateshead to South Shield, marking months of training, fundraising and hard work. The event was Olympic champion Mo Farah's final race as a professional athlete, and the 40-year-old finished in fourth place.

The day started off very warm, however, for many the celebrations were cut short by the extreme weather which took hold of the North East later that afternoon.

Of our runners, Gary led the way in the half marathon with a great time of 2h04m, closely followed by Tom in 2h13m. The runners had a brilliant day despite the extreme weather challenges – we are extremely proud of them and inspired by their achievement.

The runners have also been very busy fundraising and have already raised a fantastic £1,498 to help older people and adults living a disability connect with others in their local community. There is still time to support the runners, and a huge thank you if you already have:

Gary Anson - Gavin O'Gallaghan - Taylor Dowes - Tom Hodges

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