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Mixed emotions after last Sunday's RideLondon-Essex 100

/ June 2022
Shona post race

Huge congratulations and warm thanks to our amazing Barchester riders who took part in last Sunday’s RideLondon-Essex 100.

About 25,000 amateur cyclists took part in this very challenging charity bike ride that looped from central London to Essex. Such a huge number of cyclists invariably can lead to marshalling problems, which sadly meant that Zoe and Mandy got sent off on a wrong route. Sarah and Candice battled through the 100 miles, only to find that the organisers had run out of medals. Shona successfully completed the race AND got a medal.

The photo shows Shona at the finish line together with Barchester colleague Genevieve Glover. Shona commented: “What a beautiful day for a cycle ride, the surroundings were beautiful, support and atmosphere through the villages and towns was amazing, and the comradery and underpinning assistance from fellow cyclist was remarkable. I thoroughly enjoyed the day whilst knowing that the money raised would help those individuals, groups and charities in need.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to our inspiring riders and to everyone who has donated. Collectively our riders have raised over £850 for us, which will make an important difference to the people we help. If you would like to make a post-event donation, the riders’ donation pages are still open:

Zoe Postgate - Mandy Myciuk - Sarah Lewis - Candice Lewis  - Shona Conway

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