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'Motion Unity' for Nuvo Wellbeing

/ April 2024
Nuvo Wellbeing

We awarded funding to Nuvo Wellbeing, a Community Interest Company based in Billingham, County Durham. The funds from the grant were allocated across various aspects crucial for the successful implementation of the "Motion Unity: Dancing for Equity" Dance and Wellbeing Sessions for Adults with Learning Disabilities project. 

A portion of the funds was allocated to cover the fees of specialist instructors who conducted the dance and wellbeing sessions. These instructors were essential in providing tailored support and guidance to participants, ensuring the sessions were inclusive and effective.

The remaining funds were used to purchase dance equipment necessary for the sessions. This equipment included items such as sensory props, adaptive dance tools, and other accessories to facilitate interactive and engaging activities for participants with diverse abilities. 

Nuvo Wellbeing reported that the grant had made a significant difference in the lives of their participants by enabling them to provide regular dance sessions that promote physical activity, social interaction, and overall wellbeing. Through these sessions, participants gained new skills, built confidence, made friends, and experienced the joy of dance, contributing to their ongoing health and happiness.


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