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Sean's Place

/ August 2023
Sean's Place

Their aim is to support those who are suffering from loneliness and isolation to prevent them from becoming depressed and considering suicide.

Sean's Place were delighted to have had such a positive impact on their community from our grant. Not only did they deliver mindfulness and yoga classes to men who were experiencing mental health challenges, they also helped to create friendships, trust, a safe space to talk and also work on increased flexibility and mobility for those who also have physical challenges or have lost the motivation to exercise.

They supported 680 men with 17-20 men attending every week. It was a hugely popular program of support. The youngest member of the group was just 19 with the oldest member of the group being 82. They even saw one member of the group, in his 70s, being able to hold headstands with the help of his friends. They began to see some of their members also practicing their new skills in mindfulness classes outside of Sean’s Place. 

One of their members who has limited mobility following an attempted suicide a few years ago, bravely allowed them to share his story with us. He was unable to stand up straight and it is now painful for him to walk on his feet due to the effects of the overdose. Since attending the mindfulness and yoga classes he can now stand up and take part in the exercises and his children have said that he has grown visibly taller due to his spine being stretched out each week. He is now also walking without an aid and is in less pain. It has been such a life enhancing opportunity for him. We are absolutely thrilled to see his progress and all the progress being made by their members.

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