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Spring to Life

/ October 2023
Spring to Life

In June funding was awarded to Spring to Life. They are a Community Interest Company based in Birmingham and run programmes to support the mental and emotional well-being of people in the city. 

The funding was needed to make their community allotment space accessible to those of their participants who are in wheelchairs and older adults with mobility issues.

They used the grant to build a paved path at their community allotment space in Kings Norton South. The original plan was to build a block paving path, but due to unexpected issues with the person offering to build this, they instead built a path made from compacted Breedon gravel path.  This was primarily carried out by a local member who is a builder, who with the help of other volunteers and participants created a very professional and slick looking path.

The process of building the path itself provided a positive sense of achievement for those involved, which supported their own mental health.

The materials that funding was used for included, hardcore, membrane, timber edging and stakes, Breedon gravel, tarpaulin to keep newly laid gravel dry and Wacker Plate hire. The funding also provided food and refreshments for all those involved in building the path.


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