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Apply for an individual

Eligibility checker

To be able to apply for a grant, the individual must meet our eligibility criteria.
The individual lives in England, Scotland or Wales?
The direct purpose of the application is to connect or re-connect the individual with others in their local community
The purpose of the application is NOT for one of our exclusions
The application is NOT retrospective, i.e. the item applied for has not yet been purchased or booked
The individual has NOT had a grant from Barchester’s Charitable Foundation in the last three years

All applications for individuals must be submitted by a third-party / referrer, who knows the individual in a professional or community-based capacity. This could be a Barchester staff member, healthcare professional, a social or citizens' advice worker or a charity representative for example. We do not accept application directly from an individual or from their family/partner.

Are you a professional completing this application on behalf of the individual?
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