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Improved mobility for Douglas

/ April 2024
Douglas v2

Last September we awarded funding to Douglas. He has Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) and had a stem cell transplant in 2019. He still suffers with the side effects of this and is having treatment to try and prevent any reoccurrence.

Douglas moved to a new property which is nowhere near shops or amenities and he was unable to walk due to extreme joint pain. This meant that he was becoming more and more isolated. 

He was in need of a mobility scooter to enable him to be independent enough to go to the shops, meet friends and not be so isolated from his support network.

With our funding he was able to purchase a mobility scooter and is now able to access his local shops independently, visit his sister and grandchildren who all live locally.

Douglas used to work a a gardener/school keeper until he got unwell, and he is now hoping to volunteer for a local charity and assist with potting of plants etc.

Douglas reported to us that the scooter has given him the ability to do things independently without having to involve family members and has massively improved his quality of life.

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