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Mo gets out and about

/ May 2024
230515 Mo

We awarded funding to a young man with a diagnosis of Cerebral palsy. The money was spent on an electric scooter, which has enabled Mo to get out and about independently.  

His mother (who is his main carer) reported that before he used to be stuck in the house day and night, and it was very stressful.  Now his life has improved immeasurably.   

One key improvement is that the battery on the new scooter is lithium. This means that it is light and lasts for a long time meaning he can stay out with his friends for a long time giving him greater independence.   

The scooter was purchased at the end of 2023, and the whole family were able to go away for the first time in years for a much needed respite break. The scooter was so light and manageable, it was easy to travel with it. 

The photo was taken by friends when Mo was out and about. You can see how happy he is. Without this grant, he would not have been able to have that level of independence, which other young men his age take for granted.  


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