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Tyler getting out and about

/ February 2024
Tyler Konner

We awarded funding to Tyler to help fund the purchase of a manual active wheelchair, front track wheel, and front power attachment. Tyler is a 23 year old who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, depression and ME/CFS alongside having a sleep disorder and gastrointestinal problems that are part of his ME/CFS.

Tyler is studying Illustration at University and unfortunately, was forced to drop out of education due to his worsening health and has only just managed to restart his course. However, his lack of suitable equipment was harming his ability to stay enrolled and meet the course requirements for attendance and assessments.

The main symptoms of his disability are debilitating fatigue and cognitive dysfunction - these impact almost every aspect of his daily living. He has very little energy and is unable to walk more than a few meters without a considerable amount of pain and high risk of falling over due to muscle weakness.

Tyler wrote in his feedback to us:

"The equipment funded has changed my life so much! I’ve been able to attend more classes at university and go out and about with my friends and family. It’s given me so much more independence and I’m so grateful. I’m able to comfortably explore my community and surrounding areas that I’ve never been able to before. I’ve gained lots of confidence and more enthusiasm and motivation to go outside and take part in activities I wouldn’t have been able to before. Thank you so much!".


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