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Q. I want to apply for funding but cannot find anyone to complete the form on my behalf. Can I fill in the form myself?

A. No, we do not accept applications for individuals submitted by the applicant or their immediate family or friends.  All applications for an individual must be completed by a third party representative.  If we do receive applications completed by the named individual or a family member/friend, they are automatically declined.

Q. What is a third party representative? 

A third party representative is someone who knows you in a professional capacity and is willing and able to complete the application form on your behalf.  They can be healthcare professionals such as, general practitioners, occupational therapists, nurses and social workers or charity or support group representatives.  Citizens Advice Bureau representatives are often willing to assist.

Q. I am over 65 with limited mobility, and a mobility scooter would allow me to get on with everyday life and get me out into the community - would you be able to help?

A. Our focus is very much on enabling people to have more integration with their local community and reducing isolation.  Maintaining a good quality of life as an older person is vital to our mission.  We also consider applications for wheelchairs and other mobility equipment.

Q. I have physical disabilities and mental health issues.  I am stressed and need a holiday/respite break.  Is this something I could apply for?

A. This is something we can consider but all holiday/breaks must be taken in the UK and we can only consider funding accommodation costs and travel costs. If you are severely disabled and can only get away with family members or carers to assist you, then we can, for example, consider funding for a caravan or cottage rental.

Q. I have a physical disability but would like to try and return to work. There is an online course that would assist me in doing this.  Can I apply for an educational course?

A. We welcome applications for vocational courses, if there is no local authority funding or Student Finance available.

Q. I have a disability/mental health condition and would like to get fit. Would you consider funding a gym membership?

A. We welcome applications that would help to contribute to someone becoming more engaged with their local community so gym membership is something that we would consider.

Q. I am elderly, live on my own and my riser recliner chair has broken. I am not in a financial position to buy a new one, would you be able to help?

A. Our current focus is on getting people out and about in their local community, so unfortunately we are unable to consider funding this item.  This also includes other household items such as beds (including orthopedic/specialist beds), furniture, carpeting, curtains and blinds and white goods.

Q. My roof is leaking. Would you be able to fund the repairs?

A. Unfortunately property maintenance such as roof repairs, window replacements, rewiring, dropped kerbs, garden maintenance/repairs and other property repairs all fall into our exclusions policy.

Q. I have a disability and would like to build the strength in my muscles by exercising at home.  Would you fund home gym equipment? 

A. As our focus is on encouraging people to get out and about and active in their local community, home gym equipment is unfortunately outside our current focus.

Q. I am moving to a new property, but have no furnishings. Is this something you can help with?

A. Funding for household furnishings and white goods is outside our criteria and not something we can consider. This includes items such as beds (including orthopedic/specialist beds), specialist chairs, carpeting, curtains and blinds and white goods.

Q. My disability now prevents me from getting upstairs at home and I need to move downstairs permanently which means needing a bathroom/shower adaptation.  Is this something you could fund?

A. Our focus is on getting people integrated back into the community, so unfortunately, home adaptations are not something we can consider.

Q. I am having difficulty paying my bills and keeping up with my rent arrears and debts.  Is this something that I can apply to you for assistance with?

A.  Daily living costs (e.g. rent, utility bills, clothing or repayment of debts) is outside our criteria and we cannot consider funding these.


Q. We are a large charity with large financial reserves.  Can we still apply to you for funding?

A. As a small charity with a high number of applications and limited funds on which to draw, we are set up to help small groups/charities.  If your charity’s reserves far exceed ours, unfortunately, we would not be able to assist with funding. As a guideline, this could be anything over £100.000.

Q. We run a social group for elderly members in the community and would really like to take our members on a day trip. We are raising funds through our own events, but could you also help?

A. The trustees would consider applications from small community groups providing activities are for older people and other adults with disabilities. The trustees would consider making a contribution towards social activities, outings or events.

Q. We have been running an arts and crafts group for pensioners in our local area. We have just fundraised for a new potter's wheel but need help with small hand tools and clay, can you help?

A. We are very keen on this type of application.  We would consider supporting innovative projects that help older people and those with a disability to get out and about and meet new people, thus reducing isolation.  We can help with small equipment purchases, materials and activities.

Q. We run a drop-in service for people with mental health challenges and would like to employ a coordinator to run the scheme, is this something you could fund?

A. Unfortunately all salary costs and core costs for any scheme fall outside our criteria.

Q. We have an old minibus that needs replacing. Can we apply to you for funding for a new one?

A. Funding for vehicles is outside our criteria and not something we are able to consider.

Q. We are looking to set up an older person centred befriending helpline. Would you consider contributing towards its upkeep?

A. We do not provide funding for indirect services, such as start-up costs, marketing, helplines, websites, newsletters, leaflets, research or the general running of any group or project.





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